Why Social Media is so important

Feb 16, 2016 | Design News, Web design Services

Is Social Media important? We help explain if it is.

Nowadays, social media plays an ever increasingly important role in business marketing. Having your own search engine optimised website is just the starting point.

As vital as a good website is, it is now completely necessary to compliment it with a well thought out social media marketing strategy.

Why Social Media is so important

Why Social Media is so importantOur experts devise social media strategies for businesses in Bristol to alleviate what can be a stressful task in an already busy workplace. However, there are still companies that have yet to capitalise on the benefits social media has to offer.

In this design news post, we’ll give you an insight into why social media is so important and explain some of its top benefits.


Everybody’s using it

Perhaps the most important aspect to mention is the obvious one; almost all your customers are using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter every day and they might just be looking for you.


Everybody’s doing it

Even if you’re not doing it, you can be almost certain that your competition is, which means they may be taking your potential business.


It’s an inexpensive way to market effectively

Building up a large following of potential customers simply takes a decent social media strategy without the need to pump in herds of cash.

We could continue indefinitely about why social media is so important, but what exactly can social media offer your business?


Get personal with your customers

Social media is so effective because you can instantly interact with your customer base. It allows you to communicate for free, and it offers you the opportunity to get to know about their daily lives, routines and needs. You could even adapt your marketing strategy to better suit your target market.


Your customers won’t even know you’re marketing

People don’t see sites like Facebook and Twitter as marketing tools, they see them for what they’re supposed to be: social media. When you want to let the world know about your new product or service, you can simply make a friendly update that is less likely to be dismissed as a blatant advertisement.


Respond to complaints immediately

Of course no business wants to receive complaints, but when the rare occurrence happens, you need to be able to deal with it quickly and effectively. Social media allows you to do just that.

When you’re thinking about your social media strategy, you must consider whether you feel comfortable with interacting with the online world; are your writing skills up to scratch, or do they leave something to be desired?

Considering that your competition is likely to be using social media, you need peace of mind that your strategy can keep you ahead of the competition.

YZ DESIGNS experts have been devising social media strategies for years. It’s our experience and dedication, and a genuine love for what we do, that allows us to keep our customers ahead of the game.

Get in touch to find out how social media can give you a huge return on investment.


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