7 Graphic Design Styles to Keep an Eye on in 2020

Jan 6, 2020 | Design News, Graphic Design, Logos

Did you know that design is highly valued by businesses in the UK? In fact, businesses spend an estimated £33.5bn spent annually on design.

With businesses placing such high priority on the level of their design services, it’s important to keep up to date with progressions and changes within the industry.

Graphic design styles form such a large part of what the design industry does each year. But, as time passes, so do the trends. Keep reading to discover seven graphic design styles and trends to keep an eye on in 2020.

Graphic design styles

1. Maximizing Minimalism

Flat designs, known as minimalism, have been ever-present in the design world. Minimalistic designs will be more present than ever as we move into 2020.

The driving force behind minimalism is that it promotes transparency. Through this style of design, businesses are able to display a level of honesty in their marketing.

The less extravagant the design, the more that audiences will embrace the message behind what they’re seeing.


2. Fonts That Stand Out

Big, beautiful, chunky, and massive fonts are going to be the way to catch people’s attention in 2020. By choosing the right font, your business will be able to stand out with a bold look, amplifying the marketing message that you’re trying to send.

Designers are choosing to use bulky fonts to create an ultramodern look and feel with their designs.

If done right, the font and text itself become the design and little else will be needed.


3. Magic With Monochrome

You’ve seen images where only one, maybe two colours create the image as a whole. This is using the monochrome trend to create designs that stand out.

Creating magic with monochrome means designers will use single colour filters to create images that stick with the branding and mood of the business they’re being used for.

For example, if a brand is red, different shades of the colour red will be used to create marketing designs that are clearly recognisable as belonging to that brand.


4. Next-Level GIFs

Animations are a clever way that designers can create unique marketing designs for brands.

With the right GIF, a designer can spread marketing messages in a fun and innovative format. With GIFs, you have but a few seconds to get your message across which makes the design difficult.

In 2020, you’ll most likely see more animated brand mascots, clever brand identity animations, and even unique ways to announce promotions and events.


5. Doodles In Digital

We may think that the days of hand-drawn designs and drawings are gone, but this is not true.

In 2020, whimsical and fun hand-drawn designs will be making a comeback. You can create designs that are half realism and half drawings to create a unique marketing message. For example, you may use a real image of a girl holding a drawn ice cream cone.

It’s going to be a great way for designers to bring some personality into their designs. Also, it’s a great design option for both creative brands and high-end brands. There are no limits to what you can do with this trend.


6. 3D In Abstract And Bold Colours

Render technology in the 3D department makes it so easy nowadays to create realistic 3D images to incorporate into your designs.

With 3D capabilities, designers can create images that give a hyper-realistic impression of the branded image. You can have a bird flying elegantly across a static background. Combine your 3D bird with layers of fonts, colours, and other elements and a totally abstract design will be your result.

Combining all of these with bright, vibrant colours is one surefire way for a designer to create a truly abstract 3D campaign all in line with a business’ brand.


7. Organics And Sustainability

With such a large focus on sustainability and environmental impact in the world as a whole, there was never any doubt that it would eventually impact design as well.

The world wants to see brands more focused on sustainability, this means businesses are trying to find recyclable packaging options and showing a large focus on reusable materials.

This also needs to show through the design of its products and services. Businesses will be shifting the focus of the design from standing out to showcasing their attention to sustainability. This is done through using organic designs with calmer, cooler colours and using the materials themselves to enhance the design.


Graphic Design Styles And Tips

We all know how important graphic design is for our businesses. It’s not only an opportunity for spreading our marketing messages but it’s also the place where we showcase our brands and push brand recognition.

Throughout the design journey, as you find trends that you think can work for you and your brand, you need to remember this:

Whatever designs you choose to put out there, need to be reflective of the brand itself. 

You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you’re trying to push the boundaries of design to get noticed, but you’re potentially losing your brand identity in the process.

Focus on your brand, its personality, its tone, and your target audience. Then choose the direction of your designs from there.


The Future Of Design

Nobody can say for certain which graphic design styles are going to be here for the long run, so when you’re looking into trends for the coming year, remember that what’s here in the beginning, may not make it to the end.

You’re going to need to stay in the know with what’s happening in the world of design to set yourself apart from the rest.

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