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Dec 29, 2015 | Graphic Design

Helpful advice when designing a Brochure

Brochures have long represented a highly effective means of quickly conveying a message to a business’s target audience. They can be cost-effective and offer a wide range of notable advertising benefits, but this is naturally dependent on the design of the brochure being as effective as it needs to be.

brochure layout and design tips

Make Your Brochures More Effective

Having specialised in brochure design for many years, our team of expert designers have developed finely-honed page layout, photography and typography skills, and the brochure design portfolio that we have built up is impressive to say the least. Please read some of our brochure design tips:

Advice when it comes to designing a new brochureWhy Use Brochures?

In the digital age, it’s natural that many businesses are now somewhat sceptical about the benefits that printed advertising materials, like brochures, have to offer. Nevertheless, there are some exceptional reasons for using our brochure design services, including:

  • Compact yet flexible designs
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Messages conveyed quickly

We create compact yet flexible brochure designs that convey the message you want to get across to your target audience, further awareness of your brand among your current and future customer base, and get your products and services the attention you know they warrant. Here are a few insightful Brochure design tips to think about.


Know Your Target Audience

As with any advertising material, you must always put your target audience first. It’s them, not you, who you’re trying to impress, so make sure the design and content of the brochure will not only appeal to them, but also prove engaging and interesting. This is a great tip to follow that many designers don’t as they tend to end up designing for theirselves and not the target audience.


Make a Great First Impression

Printed advertising materials, whether a brochure design, a flyer or a poster, need to make a great first impression upon the target audience otherwise there’s a very real risk they’ll be overlooked.

Great first impressions are all about appearance in this regard, so the design of the brochure is crucially important, as are the headings you use to catch the eye of the reader, not to mention the way in which the brochure is laid out. Presentation is tantamount to success here, so take no chances.


Make It Worth Holding On To

Brochures considered worth holding on to are those which are beautifully designed and worthy of showing others, perhaps for their unique qualities, or feature useful, valuable information that makes the recipient want to hold on to it for a later time.

Think of your brochure not only as a means of promoting your products and services, but also as informative material that has something to offer the recipient.


Give Them a Reason to Act

A strong call to action that inspires the reader to take your desired action isn’t all that this entails, though this is naturally a very important aspect of the brochure’s content.

To give readers a reason to act, you can also include giveaways, promotions and discounts, but you could also work with our experienced brochure design team in Bristol to create a brochure that presents your products and services in such a way that the reader feels compelled to take action. That’s the essence of effective brochure design and why we have discussed some Brochure design tips to help you understand the importance of brochure design.


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