Don’t DIY Design: The Top Benefits of Outsourcing Graphic Design

Feb 25, 2019 | Graphic Design

Corporate imagine is vital to the success of your company. From the Dutch East India Company to Apple, companies have always acknowledged the importance of having a recognisable brand.

Good branding design should communicate a lot about your company, without needing to say or write it. Is your logo instantly recognisable? What effect does your branding have on your employees?

Good design is incredibly complex. If you want to get the most out of your branding, you should consider outsourcing graphic design. Here are a few benefits of doing so.

Outsourcing Graphic Design

You Gain a Consistent Corporate Image

In any marketing strategy, having a consistent corporate image is vital to your success. If your graphic design is not homogenous, it’ll make your brand look amateur and sloppy.

You might be able to come up with a decent logo on your own, but can you design one that meshes well with the rest of your brand? Will the logo look good on your packaging or on your website?

This is where it really pays to hire a graphic designer. They have the expertise and knowledge to not only create a fantastic logo, but to also create a whole visual identity for your brand.

When you have a consistent corporate image, your brand will be instantly recognisable on the shelves. Think of any of the biggest companies in the world. Their images are so well refined you can identify one of their products in an instant.

Even if you can’t see the logo, you would probably still notice a piece of Mcdonald’s packaging. It takes a lot of knowledge and expertise about aesthetics and branding to achieve this level of recognition.


You Save Money

Outsourcing graphic design also makes sense if you want to save money. Hiring full-time staff to work on your graphic design doesn’t always work well financially.

In a lot of cases, you only need occasional graphic design work done. Hiring an in-house graphic designer means you’ll lose money due to them not having anything to do.

When you outsource your graphic art, you only pay for what you need. Some freelance graphic designers might want to be paid by the hour, whereas others might be paid based on the job.

The average graphic designer earns around £30,000 per year. If you outsource your graphic design projects on a case-by-case basis, the cost will end up being nowhere near this high.


You Save Time

Trying to do your graphic art without a specialist can waste time or create a subpar website. It’s just like IT: there might be someone in the office who knows a bit about it, but it’s going to take them so much longer to get anything done in comparison to a professional.

Graphic design is an art and it requires a very specific set of skills. One of the most important ones is an instinct for what works and what doesn’t.

Professional graphic designers have honed this professional instinct over a long time. They’ve made plenty of mistakes in the past, so they have a solid grasp on what designs are efficient.

If you get someone who isn’t really a professional graphic designer to do your graphic art, they’re probably going to have to learn a lot through trial and error as they work. In the end, it’ll take them significantly longer to come up with a design as it would’ve taken a pro.

On top of that, their designs also won’t be as good.


You Get a New Perspective

It’s always good to bring in a fresh outside perspective. Building company culture can be great for camaraderie and efficient workflow, but it can also have an effect on creativity.

When you bring in an outside graphic designer, you work with someone external to your company culture. This means they can come up with fresh ideas that no one in the office would’ve been able to come up with.

Additionally, professional graphic designers have a deep understanding of aesthetic trends. They can help you to create a design that’s current and appeals to your target demographic.


You Network With New People

Anyone who’s been in the workforce for a while can tell you: networking is key. When you work with outsourced graphic designers, you’re not only hiring someone to build up your corporate brand, but you’re also helping to build up your professional network.

Maybe an outsourced graphic designer has just helped you to design your new website. Now you need some solid copy to go with their great design.

The graphic designer might know the perfect copywriter for the job. They might also be able to refer you to other designers who can help you with other design projects.

When you only work with in-house employees, your work networks are largely similar. You probably won’t have the chance to make as many new connections as you would if you worked with an outsourced designer.


Real Expertise and Experience

When you hire outsourced graphic designers, you can hire someone with a high level of expertise and experience. If you wanted to hire someone in-house, your budget might only allow you to hire someone with entry-level experience at best.

On the other hand, if you outsource, you can hire someone with a proven track record for creating fantastic designs.


Outsourcing Graphic Design Can Work in Your Favour

There are certainly a few downsides to outsourcing graphic design. For instance, you have less control over the deadline, as well as less control over the project overall.

With that said, an outsourced graphic designer is a great way to create a solid brand identity for your company. Not only can an outsourced designer bring their knowledge, expertise, and experience to your project, but they can also do it for a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house.

Are you interested in outsourcing your graphic designs? Then get a free quote now.


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