How Important is Graphic Design?

Nov 29, 2015 | Graphic Design

Graphic Design, is it really important?

Graphic design is, in a nutshell, art with an agenda – a creative plan used to achieve an objective. Graphic designers draw on a toolkit of images, artwork, symbols and even words to achieve that objective. With that in mind, the final product is much more than a logo or colourful packaging. It’s a tool for accomplishing a specific goal.

How Important is Graphic Design
The objective you are trying to achieve depends on the nature of your website, or of the product that bears the design. But in most cases, you’re trying to elicit some sort of a response from the person viewing the design. For example, you could potentially employ graphic design to accomplish any of the following:

  • Evoke an emotional response (e.g. nostalgia, patriotism, excitement regarding an upcoming event, etc.)
  • Compel site visitors to click through to the next page
  • Encourage visitors to subscribe to a mailing list
  • Compel someone to pick up a package and examine it
  • Prompt viewers to scroll down the page, turn a box around to read the back or otherwise advance through the marketing materials

These are just a few examples of how important is graphic design is, and well-crafted design elements would play a powerful role in accomplishing any of them. Unfortunately, many small companies and website operators act as if strong product features are all they need to close a sale.


Graphic Design is a very important part of any businessFirst impressions matter

From our perspective, graphic design in Bristol is a lot more than a sharp-looking logo, or a collection of pretty pictures for your website. In fact, your product’s design is often your company’s first chance to make an impression on your target customers. We all know the expression:

 ‘You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression.’

For the most part, people acknowledge this in their day-to-day lives. Most of us insist on dressing well for interviews or first dates, for example, because we understand that first impressions are essential to an ongoing relationship.

The same applies to your company’s graphic design. How important is graphic design when a potential customer first encounters a product or visits your site, well design is arguably the first thing they’ll notice. Strong features and high-res product images – while important – aren’t enough to ensure that they’ll be impressed. Nor will compelling copy close a sale if the way it’s presented doesn’t compel your viewer to read it first.

First impressions matter in forming relationships with potential clients and customers. When your product sits on a shelf at a point of sale, it’s directly competing with the products positioned around it. Likewise, your website competes with countless other sites offering very similar products to yours. It doesn’t matter how good yours is. If the presentation is poor, potential customers are going to be reluctant to commit.


Graphic designers with a Passion for Marketing

As you can probably tell, we take design seriously, and we’re passionate about developing logos, brochures and websites that reflect your company’s strategic positioning.

If you’re currently on the marketing for a graphic designer, don’t settle for the first agency you come across. Instead, insist on hiring designers who are familiar with your industry, understand your product and – perhaps most importantly – know what motivates your target customers.

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