How to Choose the Best Graphic Designer for Your Company

Oct 19, 2018 | Graphic Design

Are you looking to hire a graphic designer for your company? If so, read on to learn how to find the best graphic designer for your business.

Sure, it’s easy to find a graphic designer on the internet.

But do you know how to make sure that you’re making the best hire for your company?

Instead of fumbling about in the dark, hoping you chance upon the right designer for your business’ needs, it’s time to learn what makes the best choice for you.

Read on and we’ll show you how to make sure that you end up with the graphics you need and a designer you’ll be happy to work with.

Choosing a Graphic Designer

Freelance or Agency?

The first choice you’ll need to make is whether to find and vet a freelance designer or to hire an agency to handle the graphic design which you need.

Freelancers are great and can often offer a much lower price since their overhead isn’t going to be as high as an agency.

If you’re experienced enough to know exactly what you need from a graphic designer, then you’ll find that freelancer designers are a good way to go. You’ll just need to find someone who has the skills which your business requires at the moment.

If you lack that experience or the time to do so, then you’re probably better off with a firm.

An agency employs many people with their own specialties, sending them the work which needs to be done and is within their skill set. That means less effort on your part, although the costs will usually be higher for any reputable agency.

The first question you should ask yourself is this: do you know what kind of design you’ll need?

If you’re still thinking of a graphic artist as one individual that can handle the entire aesthetic needs of your business, then you’re off base. Logo designers aren’t web designers aren’t brochure designers, etc.

Multidisciplinary freelancers are out there, but when someone reaches that level, it’s not going to save you any money. Indeed, these high-level professionals are generally outsourced their work by big firms.

Freelancers without those skills can be a cost-cutting measure and good at their jobs, but most will lack the experience to do everything you need.

Using a firm is best for those who want a more hands-off approach to the graphics of their business, and they’re usually able to handle a much heavier workload.


Ask the Right Questions

Whether you’re looking to hire an independent freelancer or to work with an agency, you’ll need to know which questions to ask.

Sometimes it’s simply not enough to see a portfolio.

Remember that the graphics which you’re using for your business are the face of your business. You’re not just buying some pixels or a format, you’re spending money on a relationship which will help your business to stand out.

With that in mind, after taking a look over a portfolio, you may want answers to a few questions.

Remember, you want to take a look to make sure that both the style and the quality of the work is what you’re looking for. This is your company’s face, it’s not time to make a snap decision.

If you see questionable design decisions, ask why they were made when you’re getting a quote. Graphic design is artistic, yes, but there’s a good deal of technical know-how involved as well.

This is often one of the most important questions you can ask. If they have a good answer for the design decisions they’ve made, then you’ll know they’re not just churning things out.

Other questions might include the following:

  • What programs are you using?
  • How much experience do you have with this kind of project?
  • What’s your design process look like?
  • How quickly do you usually respond to questions?

Any extra information you can get is going to help you make a choice when it comes time to finalize your decision.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you know how to work with a graphic designer when you’re approaching the subject, since asking questions is only part of the process.


Considerations Before You Make the Hire

Once you’ve properly vetted the agency or independent freelancer that you’re planning on working with, it’s time to take into account all of the business stuff.

The first thing which comes to mind for most businesses is the price.

Your designer is the wrong place to go bargain hunting. If you’re just getting started and have limited needs then you may benefit from working with a freelancer.

We’re not saying that price should be the last thing on your mind, but at the end of the day, you’ll get what you pay for. If you go with someone from Fiverr who just cranks logos for $5-$10 dollars, you’re not going to end up with a polished final product.

You also need to consider what your total needs are going to be. The big reason that many businesses choose agencies is that they tend to be all-inclusive.

The more pieces of graphic design you’ll need, the more freelancers you’ll have to find and vet. While hiring on one or two might not take more than a couple of hours of analysis and a few e-mails, the time spent is going to grow exponentially.

Whether you’re working with a firm or an independent, you’ll need to avoid going with the lowest bidder and consider the amount of time that’s going to be spent sorting out who’s best for each piece of your project.

No matter how good they are, you’ll also want to make sure that the aesthetics match them as well, which is something that’s overlooked more often than you’d think.


Hire the Best Graphic Designer for Your Business

If you follow the above guidelines and do your research, then you’re much more likely to end up with a graphic designer who becomes a valuable asset to your business.

With the right person or agency by your side, you’ll find that your branding is clean and on-point and you’ll never regret a dollar spent.

With the wrong one, well, you’re just going to end up spending more in the end.

If you’re in the market for a graphic design firm which can handle a wide variety of needs, try contacting us for a free quote and see if we’re the right match for your business.


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