What to Consider When Designing a Website Logo

Jan 10, 2021 | Logos, Web design Services

A famous eye-tracking study showed how fast first impressions are formed when someone visits a website. It takes less than 3 seconds to decide if a business is trustworthy or not.

The same study found that people will look at a website logo for almost 6.5 seconds. It’s one of the items that informs the first impression.

In other words, you need to have a website logo that stands out and makes the right first impression. There’s a lot at stake when designing a website logo. It’s also why companies spend millions to get it right.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend millions to create a website logo. Read on to discover how you can design a logo for your website.

What to Consider When Designing a Website Logo

What Does Your Company Stand For?      

Do you know what your company’s brand is? It’s not your logo. It runs a lot deeper than that. Your brand is an emotional promise you make to your customers.

Look at some of the top companies as examples. Volvo has always been associated with safety. That’s its brand. Nike’s brand is that everyone is an athlete. Coca-Cola’s brand is happiness, while Pepsi’s is cool.

A good brand can be summed up just a couple of words. It’s what your company stands for and describes what you provide your customers. It can be anything from elegance to security.

Where does your logo fit in with your brand? Your logo is the visual representation of your brand. Without understanding your brand, you just have a design. You’ll fail to create meaning behind the design.


Who Do You Serve?

Do you know who your business serves? Your logo has to connect with all of the stakeholders of your business. Your customers, employees, investors, and vendors.

You should have a deep understanding as to who they are and because people have psychological associations to colours and fonts.

People process visuals about 60,000 times faster than text alone. They take the colour and filter it through their personal experiences and perceptions. They’ll then make an association with that colour.

Blue is used a lot by banks and computer companies. That’s because it signifies trust, stability, and security. Orange is used frequently to convey confidence and happiness.

A fitness company that targets women will use lighter colours because it appeals to them more than darker colours. A similar company that targets men will use black.


What Type of Logo Do You Want?

There are seven categories of logo design. They are word marks, letter mark, abstract, mascot, pictorial mark, and combination mark, and emblem.

A letter mark is a simple design that uses the company’s initials. Word marks use the company’s entire name. A word mark can be used if you have a unique name that’s short and easy to remember.

A pictorial mark is an icon or a symbol, such as Nike’s swoosh. You have to get the image just right because it will stay with your business.

An abstract mark is a unique design that is very difficult to pull-off. You have to know design principles and understand how each part of the design contributes to the overall meaning of the logo.

A mascot logo relies on a personality or character to tell the story of your logo. Michelin Tyres has Bibendum, the puffy mascot known as the Michelin Man.

It is possible to combine a couple of different types of logos. This is where you need to consider how your logo will be used beyond your website.

You can decide to use a combination of a word mark and abstract mark as your main logo. You can decide to use the abstract mark as a watermark on videos and social media posts while having the word mark on business cards.


Test Your Logo Design

You have a few logo designs in front of you. How do you know which one is the best one that represents your company? You can go with your gut feeling, but there’s a better way to go about it.

You should approach your customers and employees. The success of the logo design depends on how it resonates with both groups of people.

Send out a survey to a select group of people and ask for their opinion. Don’t just ask which one they like the most. Ask them why they like it. You want to make sure that your logo conveys what it’s supposed to.


File Sizes and Types

There’s a technical aspect to designing a logo for your website. You need to make sure that it’s transparent, so it blends in with the background of your site.

You also want to use the right file type and size. An image file needs to be small because that can impact your website’s load time. What are the appropriate size and image type? Your logo can be a PNG or JPEG file that’s no more than 100 pixels high.


How Logos Become Icons

How do logos go on to become worth a billion dollars? The value of a well-designed logo increases over time.

You have to deliver consistent business results to increase trust and grow your business. Focus on the fundamentals of business, such as customer service and keeping your word.

Over time, you build a positive business reputation. The association that people have with your logo is also positive, which increases the value.


Designing a Website Logo That Makes an Impact

First impressions matter, and when it comes to your website, they happen in a few short seconds. Your website logo

Designing a website logo comes down to a few things. You have to understand your brand, your audience, and basic design principles. You’ll end up with a logo that your target audience finds attractive and relatable.

Do you have questions about creating a logo for your website? Contact us today for a free design quote.

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