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Corporate branding can sometimes come across as something of a fluffy subject. I’m sure that tangible results are important to you, but to get results in the long term your branding is something that should not be neglected.

We have worked on branding companies to help create a strong, consistent identity across the board, which in turn helps to increase the awareness of each business we work with.

The purpose of adopting a corporate brand is to have a unique and consistent look and feel across all materials. This is where our creative designers are on hand to help with your corporate branding.


  • Strong and consistent corporate branding
  • Brand guidelines created
  • Style guidelines to follow
  • Typefaces, colour and design layouts of core marketing materials

Corporate brand styles and guidelines

Our close work with companies like UWE (University of the West of England), HFMA (Healthcare Finance Management Association), amongst others, has helped to guide staff members on the consistent use of styles and design.

YZ DESIGNS has created brand books which include all forms of consistent corporate branding to follow once we have finished our work, helping to reference all of the do’s and dont’s when it comes to how your materials look.

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Need a brand book or corporate brand style guide to help guide you and your staff for the future? If so, let us know and we can talk things through.

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