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Educational website design for study abroad

Educational websites

Our close ties and experience with the educational sector means we have lots of experience when it comes to website design in that field.

Working closely with our educational partners, we have managed to design individual sites for student facing websites that offer tours, education and an all round educational experience to their students worldwide.

Mobile optimised websites
Bespoke booking and sign up forms
Full training and support
Website maintenance, security and updates

Educational study abroad website

Experiolife asked YZ DESIGNS to help them with their 4 websites, in order to update and maintain them as they wanted a reliable and user friendly platform in order to inform prospective students of all the packages they had to offer.

We worked closely on the websites and engaged in tutorials and discussion throughout so that they were happy with taking on the control of the websites once they were live. Experiolife now happily control all of the websites, knowing we are only an email away should they need to ask us anything.

Interested and want to find out more?

We can help when it comes to designing you a website in the educational sector! Get in touch so that we can find out more about your needs.

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