How SEO Can Help Your Business

Oct 22, 2015 | SEO

SEO – or search engine optimisation – is complex, to say the least.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. On the contrary, the SEO planning and development that goes into your company’s websites is one of the single-most important elements contributing to your website’s success.

Given the complexity of search engine optimisation, it’s crucial that you partner with an expert that really knows how to optimise your company’s website. YZ Designs is a leading SEO Bristol agency, and we’ve helped companies of all sizes develop winning strategies for search.

Best of all – our services are refreshingly affordable. With our experts in your corner, your site will start attracting searches from potential customers who are legitimately interested in your company and the products and services it offers.

How SEO Can Help Your Business

So what, exactly, is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is the process of developing a website in such a way that big search engines like Google understand what the site is trying to communicate, as well as who it is trying to reach.

When a web user types something in the search bar, sites like Google employ complex algorithms to determine what type of website the person is trying to find. It then presents them with a list of search results in order of relevance. If the search-engine algorithm is well-crafted (as Google’s certainly is), then the search results are going to take that web user to the sites they wanted to visit.

Suppose your company is selling ‘sprockets’ in Bristol. When a person in Bristol starts to google information about sprockets in their area, you want them to find your website – and not those of your competitors. If your site has been expertly optimised, then your site is the one they’re going to end up on.


How do SEO experts optimise my site?

How SEO Can Help Your BusinessAt YZ Designs, we begin with a keyword analysis. We familiarise ourselves with your company and its products, and then combine this understanding with extensive market analysis. The goal is to determine which words and phrases a person is most likely to type into the search bar when they are looking for a product like yours.

Once we’ve established a list of potential keywords, we start optimising your site so that search engines will recognise your company as – for example – a sprocket manufacturer in Bristol.

We accomplish this through the content that appears on your site – everything from the web copy to the invisible information (called meta tags) attached to blog posts, images and other elements on your site.

But that’s only the beginning. We’ll also help to build links between your site and other leading websites in your industry. This develops online credibility and goes a long way toward convincing the big search engines that your website deserves top billing.

It’s also worth noting that the SEO is more location-oriented than ever – and that’s good news for small businesses in Bristol that hire YZ Designs to optimise their websites.

With our help, your site will start reaching target customers in your immediate service area who are much more likely to make a purchase.

Find out just How SEO Can Help Your Business…

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