7 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

May 1, 2020 | Web design Services, Web services, Website designers, Websites

Did you know that Bristolians check their smartphones every 12 minutes? Well, that’s according to recent research by Ofcom. The report further established that more than 78% of the population in the UK use smartphones. These devices have increased the number of hours the average Briton spends online each week.

If you haven’t made your business website mobile-friendly, you’re probably missing potential leads and conversions. A smartphone is becoming an indispensable part of website marketing. Here are 7 reasons your small business needs a mobile-friendly website.

Mobile-friendly website design

High Ranking on Google

Google is keen on a site’s mobile-friendliness. In fact, the giant search engine announced in 2016 that it would be considering mobile-friendliness to rank search results. For small business owners who haven’t optimised their websites for mobile, there are possibilities of missing out on great revenue opportunities as prospective customers might fail to see you.

Your business ought to consider a responsive site design to get a sustainable Google ranking. The more your mobile-friendly site is responsive, the more you have higher chances of appearing on the first page of Google’s search results. Consequently, you’ll be more visible (which translates to increased website visitors).


Faster Website Loading Speed

The proverbial phrase about going slow winning the race doesn’t apply in the high-tech web where website loading speed is everything. Mobile users want convenience, and any site that takes time to load is a turnoff. A slow website will destroy your marketing efforts.

A mobile-friendly website prioritises website loading speed. If your site loads in less than two seconds, you have a chance to attract your visitor’s attention. However, users tend to abandon a page that seems to take more than 3 seconds to load.

With a slow site, you’ll lose significant traffic. Besides, you’ll experience negative impacts on your conversion rate, SEO rankings, and traffic. If you’ve been wondering how to get found in Google search, focus on SEO for mobile users.


Exceptional User Experience

According to Google’s Think Insights, visitors who don’t get what they are looking for on a webpage when using their smartphones are likely to experience frustrations. One might need to tilt or zoom to have a better view of the website. Unless your service can’t be found elsewhere, which is highly unlikely, you’ll lose prospective customers.

Most of these visitors will leave such a site in a second. However, if your site visitors find it easy to navigate through your website, they will have a positive impression of your services and products.

Customer satisfaction should be a priority for every business. A mobile-friendly site can give users an impressive experience. Visitors have easy website navigation that will make them spend more time on the site.


Increased Mobile Use

By 2025, more than 3.7 billion internet users will be assessing the web via their smartphones only. Small business owners in the UK should note these figures and consider investing more in mobile-friendly websites. Customers have a positive perception of brands that are easily accessible via smartphones.

In modern times, customers are connecting more with a business using their phones as opposed to desktop and laptop computers. The trend isn’t surprising as mobile phones are highly convenient. You can check in your favourite e-commerce stall even when you’re on the move.

Most smartphone users utilise the devices as the primary means of searching online. Businesses that haven’t optimised their websites for mobile phones are missing out on millions of potential customers.


Enhanced Social Media Opportunities

The increasing use of social media is good news for digital marketers. As it stands, millions of people are active social media users. Once you understand why social media is so important, you’ll consider making your sites mobile-friendly.

Most of these people scroll through the sites several hours in a day, and an optimal experience is what keeps them glued. Users post content, share or even comment through the sites. With such activities, you might want to tap into the social media community to interact with the consumers.

Your marketing strategy should be mobile responsive. It is prudent to have webpages, services, and products that people can share through their mobile phones. When you’re redirecting users from sites such as Facebook to your website, ensure that your site is fully mobile-friendly.


Creates Product Awareness Quickly

If your website runs well on mobile devices, your target audience can view services or products easily. Therefore, you’ll be in a better position to increase awareness of your products, which will lead to more opportunities for your small business.

Increased brand awareness will promote repeat visits on your site. Resultantly, you might make more sales. Your site should give users an optimal experience so that they can take the desired action once they click on your website.


Competitive Advantage

You’ll hardly find a business in the UK that doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website. For you to compete favourably within your industry, you need to have a site that users can easily navigate with their mobile devices. While at it, consider embracing SEO for mobile sites to rank higher than your competitors.

A mobile-friendly site improves the buying process and the overall user experience. You’ll be in a better position to attract and retain more customers. On the flip side, your customers will likely opt to consider your competitors if your site is frustrating and slow.

Once you make your website mobile-friendly, you’ll experience significant changes in the clientele base. Besides, your small business will rank better than most ventures that have been in the game for several years.


A Mobile-Friendly Website Is an Indispensable Resource for Most Digital Marketers

In the contemporary business world, an unresponsive website is a major flop. Investing in a mobile-friendly website should be the goal of any future-oriented business owner. You’ll benefit from increased traffic and conversion, especially in this ever growing competitive market we find ourself in.

It is advisable to work with a professional who will ensure that the website’s design is optimised for mobile devices. An expert here at YZ DESIGNS will work to ensure that your site embraces SEO. Within no time, you should get an attractive return on any investment you have made to improve your website.

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