The importance of maintaining your website

Oct 12, 2017 | Web design Services

It is so important to look after your website once it goes live

Understanding the importance of maintaining your website is a critical part to having a successful website and should be looked at as part of your on-going business.

However, this is commonly a much overlooked area when you have paid for your new website and can see it looking great on your computer, in fact the thought of any on-going web maintenance is probably the furthest thing from your mind at this stage. So let us try to explain what’s actually going on once your new content managed website is live for all of the world to see.

The importance of maintaining your website
Let’s start with the analogy of you buying a new car! Wow, there it is looking great on your drive, with lots of great positive comments from your neighbours and friends making you think that was money well spent, so off you go in the coming weeks and months driving around in your great new car.

So after a while your new car does not look quite as shiny as it was when you first bought it and the oil needs topping up, fluids replaced and maybe a tyre change which you duly ask the garage to do for you.

Why wouldn’t you, as you have just spent a lot of time and money on your new car and want to keep it running as long as possible without the need to replace it or buy a new car altogether.

Are you getting the picture?

Yes, you’re website is exactly the same as your new car! It needs to be looked after and topped up with new secure files, cleaned out and optimised so that it performs better and generally maintained so that it continues to work as well as it can do for as long as possible.


What happens if I don’t maintain my website?

What we are finding more and more is that our new clients have already had a website, but have simply left it alone as their previous designers have not mentioned about maintaining it in order to keep the website secure and up-to-date.

Trust us when we say that some have lost their website completely due to hackers bombarding their website with password hacking attempts and when they have finally cracked the logins, they have gone to town with injecting malware and other redirects to porn and gambling sites.

One of our new clients even mentioned they had a video playing on their home page with obscene footage and language…imagine what their users thought of their business when they landed on their home page!

We think this is all to familiar, so are offering up-front web maintenance services for all our content managed websites that we design for our clients. That way, all ongoing costs are known up-front by both you and us, so there can be no hidden charges.

They have been well received because of the fairness in costs compared to the work involved in protecting the websites, so we are genuinely pleased that our efforts are well thought of.

If you are interested in finding out some more information why not head over to our web maintenance packages to find out more on the importance of maintaining your website.

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