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Feb 22, 2018 | Web maintenance, Website designers

There’s no doubt that WordPress is one of the most commonly used open source website content management systems (or CMS for short).

Thanks to its fantastic support options and great range of designs, it makes building, maintaining and updating websites easier than ever before.

At YZ DESIGNS we’re big fans, and it’s the platform that we have chosen to use for lots of our clients websites as a result.

Login to WordPress

Let’s login to WordPress shall we?

Updating your website helps to keep your business’ messaging and product information relevant.

Besides, it is also really important from a security point of view too.

When it comes to using WordPress to manage your website, it can sometimes take a while to get your head around things. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

If you have decided to make some changes to your website, in our latest blog post we run through how to login to WordPress admin panel and dashboard areas.

We hope it helps you to get started as quickly as possible!


1. What is the WordPress dashboard?

As well as sitting there wondering how you login to WordPress dashboard area, you might also be unsure of what the dashboard function is in the first place – so let us explain!

On your WordPress built website, the dashboard is the admin section where you build and manage your website.

It’s also known as the “back end” and it’s where you will add pages, images and text, change your design and add plugins, and where you will make any updates as time goes on.

  • Dashboard: This is the landing page when you login to Wordpress
  • Posts: This is where you edit, add or remove blog posts. They normally display automatically on your blog page.
  • Media: This is where all of your website images can be viewed. You can upload new images here.
  • Pages: This is where all of your website pages can be found, edited, deleted or added.


2. How do I login?

The easiest way to login to your WordPress website is to simply add “/wp-admin” to the end of your website’s new domain and click enter in your web browser’s address bar.

So for example, if your website domain was, you’d type into the address bar in order to access your WordPress dashboard and away you go!

To save yourself time in the future, it’s a good idea to bookmark your WordPress login link on your web browser, just so you can find it easily the next time you need it!


3. What is my username and password?

Once you have access to the login page for your WordPress dashboard, you will then be asked to enter your username and password to access it.

These details are likely to have been given to you by YZ DESIGNS via email when your website was built.

If you have forgotten them, then it is best to have a look through your folders or you can get in touch with us for help.

There is also an option to reset your password on the login page, but be sure to make a note of your new password as it will need to be secure.

YZ DESIGNS insist on nothing but highly secure passwords and there will be a notification to say if your password is not secure enough to use.


4. What if I’m having problems logging in to my WordPress website?

If you are receiving error messages when you try to login, you might have entered incorrect login details too many times and have temporarily lost access.

In this instance, you should definitely contact YZ DESIGNS and we will be able to help you get back up and running in no time!

We sometimes ask for your IP address at this point, so to get this, simply type “whats my IP address” into a Google search and Google will show you your IP address digits.


5. What about making sure my website stays safe and secure?

It’s really important to make sure that your website stays safe and secure from the risk of attack from cyber criminals, as a data hack is something that is likely to be very costly to your business.

This means making sure that you regularly update your plugins and install all WordPress core updates (which are usually updated once a month) in your dashboard, because out of date software can be a big security risk.

We offer a Wordpress maintenance plan that backs up your website every day, along with updating all of the files and plugins every time they need updating.

We can turn on two factor authentication (or 2FA) when logging into your WordPress website.

This adds another level of security to your website by asking you to enter a code that is sent to your phone via SMS, or by entering a code that is generated via an app like Google Authenticator.

If you are looking for some help and advice about managing your website, as well as making sure that it stays safe and secure, YZ DESIGNS can help.

Our experts really know stuff when it comes to updating WordPress websites. Why not head over to our Website maintenance page to find out more about the services we offer?

Contact us today and we’ll help you work out how to login to WordPress in no time!

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