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Jun 16, 2020 | Web maintenance

Every so often, WordPress releases an update that adds new features, fixes bugs and improves the overall fluidity of websites on the platform. In general, this process moves the service in a positive direction, dealing with security flaws and improving the user experience. There are, however, several problems.

Wordpress Maintenance

How WordPress Maintenance Helps Your Site

WordPress isn’t just a standalone tool. Instead, it encompasses a host of third-party plug-ins that add functionality to websites. This aspect of the service is responsible for its amazing success, but also a bugbear for companies wanting to keep their sites secure and running smoothly.


Plug-in Cleanup

When WordPress releases a major new update, it runs the risk of creating conflicts with the existing plug-in ecosystem. Websites can start performing poorly or even crash altogether, failing to load content visitors demand.

Organisations, therefore, need to be careful when choosing plug-ins. Ideally, they want to select those with an active support team behind them, ready to fix any compatibility issues that might arise from WordPress updates, both now and in the future. Professional developers should be waiting in the wings, ready and willing to iron out issues before they cause severe disruption to the user experience or cause SEO issues. Often, though, they’re not, and companies feel forced to take on the task themselves.

WordPress maintenance services however, let firms get around this problem. Third-party developers sort any issues out for them in the background.


Backups For Disaster Recovery

WordPress maintenance is essential for a second, possibly more important, reason: website security.

When organisations install fresh WordPress updates, it changes the background code for their web-based files and folders. Many of these alterations are only slight, but some can potentially make sites vulnerable to hackers looking for quick exploits. WordPress maintenance lets businesses push back against this by seeking out these weaknesses and fixing them.

You should note that it is not always possible to identify sources of website vulnerability ahead of time. But WordPress maintenance gets around this with site backups that protect your content in the event of a successful attack. If hackers wipe your data on your website, you simply revert to a previous version of your site and carry on where you left off.

Just think for a moment of the costs implied if you really did lose your website content or pages. Breaches not only lead to loss of critical data but could also open you up for litigation. E-commerce websites are very important especially if the business has revenue coming in through the website.

Remember, being small is no defence against the threat of attack. Data suggest that 43 per cent of cyber attacks focus on small businesses.


Website Reworking

Keeping your WordPress plug-ins and themes up-to-date helps to limit exploit opportunities. But even if there are no security threats, updating and installing each one is a significant administrative task. Once you get started with maintenance, it can sometimes feel like an endless slog and can genuinely take up to 2-3 hours each day.

WordPress maintenance services take over this arduous process. They check for redundancies, incompatibilities and updates to ensure that the entire software ecosystem works flawlessly for the benefits of your users.

In summary WordPress maintenance is a powerful tool that you can use to ratchet up the performance of your site while also cutting costs associated with running it.



Get in touch with any questions

YZ DESIGNS can of course help look after your Wordpress website, with regular back-up copies that can be installed at any stage, along with daily updates of your plugins and core files that will help keep things safe and secure.

Drop us an email at any time, or call 0797 4900 219 to have a chat about getting a Wordpress maintenance plan in place for your business.


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