New web maintenance packages

Mar 27, 2015 | Web services

We have been beavering away, trying to think of ways of improving our services to our clients (that’s you) and will be shortly introducing some new web maintenance packages to make sure your websites are maintained and looked after the way they should be.

Basically, with the digital world changing constantly and with competition getting even more competitive amongst all sorts of businesses, we thought we would have a revamp of our services in order to cater for our clients and what we think is happening out there in ‘web world’, so to speak.

New web maintenance packages

Web maintenance packages, because they are important! Here’s why…

Far too often a client will ask for a new website in which we are all too happy to design for them, but as soon as it goes live they can literally stop, thinking that the phone or inbox is going to start ringing or bleeping away with new business enquiries.

That simply is not going to be the case in most cases as the internet is a very competitive place to be and simply having a great looking website will not bring business to your door.

This however was not our focus!

A great website is only great for so long if it is not looked after, updated and maintained…you agree, well that’s great to hear as that was our thinking too.

We got our heads together and decided that we would break it down into packages that you could select from to cater for both your needs and your budget, because we do understand that some of you just want a website presence and nothing else.

The typical business card website is a great marketing tool if you are pro-active and can sell your business to potential clients in person, armed with a simple card or flyer to drive them to your website…it works, no question about that!

However, that simply does not cut it with most businesses and is why we have come up with a few web maintenance packages we think you are going to like.

Without going onto too much detail while we get things in place, we will be offering the following:

  1. Website hosting
  2. Back up and restore
  3. Back up, restore and updates
  4. Back up, restore, updates and security

Sounds good yeah? Well we certainly think so and will be rolling these out to you very shortly, so be sure to look out for a website maintenance package to suit you.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to find out more in the meantime.

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