Website maintenance packages

It has never been more important to secure and maintain your website!

Site maintenance is very important

Daily web maintenance updates to plugins, core files, database back up’s and premium security

We have changed the website maintenance services we offer in order to protect and maintain your website, so that your website stays safe, secure and always up-to-date.

Recent changes in Website security mean your website will be constantly under attack from bots and spyware, which in the wrong hands can kill your website along with your business.

Imagine waking up to find Google has blacklisted your website without you even knowing what has been happening!

Without the right security and Website Maintenance in place, it could happen to you.

Safe & secure daily back up & restore of your website

Your website will be backed up to a third party storage space, where we can simply install a previous version at any stage. If your web site was ever hacked, we have a back up copy putting your mind at rest your website is always safe and secure.

Website maintenance and updates to Wordpress files & plugins

Wordpress websites are very popular and extremely good, but they need to be updated in order to stay safe.

We update all your plugins and theme files for you…you don’t even have to login if you don’t want to!

Its important to update and maintain your site

Affordable website maintenance services


Reliable services so that your web site remains safe, backed-up and secure!

Files on your content managed website are constantly being updated and improved for security and performance issues. If you have an iPhone you will know what we mean, as your phone and its apps are always being updated.

Your website is no different and needs to be looked after in order to stay safe and be able to run smoothly.

In some cases your website might stop working altogether, so if your business relies on a website it is even more critical that it is updated and maintained.

Here are some examples of just what can happen and why we have introduced our website maintenance plans: Sony | Examples


Can I say NO to website maintenance on my site?

Saying NO to website maintenance is of course an option to you and we will always be on hand should you want to update things yourself.

It will be up to you to solve any issues/problems you may have, or any conflicts going forward.

If you choose a maintenance plan with YZ DESIGNS then we will update your website for you as part of the maintenance package you choose.

We may suggest you set up your own website hosting if you choose no as an option, but will be able to help you with this.


Is it easy for me to update my own site?

You can update your own website if you have a good knowledge of website design and development and a bit of knowledge of PHP, CSS and HTML. There are some useful tips to have a look at when updating your website on our blog.

Simply hit the update button and keep things updated, but if there is a conflict with the new updated files you will need to re-install an old version of your site in order to find out the issue.

Plugins and theme files often need to be updated, so you will need to open your website quite often to check your updates. Our Website Maintenance makes this something you do not have to do, as we take care of it for you on a day-to-day basis.


Is my website future proof and not need to be updated?

Web sites have an average lifespan of 3 years once they go live in general, however, if you maintain and update your website through Website Maintenance then this will make sure it lasts a lot longer than a non-updated website.

Files are constantly changing in order to work better and be secure, so if you update your website, chances are that you will have a faster, safer and more reliable web site for longer!

Our web maintenance packages are not only affordable, but form an essential part of anyone with a website!

If you are interested in getting your website secured and backed up, then all you need to do is fill in the form below!

Get website maintenance!

Simply fill in the website maiontenance form with your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The advantages of paying for Web Maintenance Services on your site

Now that you are aware website maintenance is a must for websites of any size, both big and small, it’s good to know the advantages of getting someone like YZ DESIGNS to do the maintenance.

You can take on these tasks yourself, but as explained already it will save you both time and stress, becuase…

  1. You’ll be getting our experts who will take care of these website maintenance tasks every day for you. Our years of experience give you peace of mind.
  2. You’ll be able to concentrate on other areas of your business that may need more of your attention.
  3. Getting YZ DESIGNS to do this work is cost-effective as you won’t ever need to worry about it.

So should you commit to a Web Update & Back-Up Package?

We know the best answer, but can understand why some might still be a little tentative in committing, so ask yourself some of the following questions:

  1. What would happen if my website was unavailable online?
  2. Would my website being unavailable cost my business money?
  3. Can I afford to pay for my site to be updated and maintained?
  4. Can I afford to lose my website and not worry about the consequences?
  5. Do I have the knowledge and time to do the updates and back up myself and if something goes wrong do I have the knowledge to correct it?

Hopefully we have answered any questions you may have before gettng one of our website maintenance plans, but feel free to get in touch anytime to have a chat about your concerns or questions.

What are my Website Maintenance Options?

Businesses generally have four options when it comes to website maintenance, which are:

  1. Hire a website maintenance and marketing team in-house tends to be a more expensive option. Why expensive? Because you will need to pay your staff (think salary) benefits and overheads.
  2. Hire freelancers which is less pricey but will require good communication, as freelancers are not part of your business and sometimes don’t understand how it is run.
  3. Hire a website maintenance company like us! This, we feel is a good option as it will cater for all the resources you need for your web maintenance, back-up’s, security and website updates.
  4. Do it yourself! If you do decide to handle all of the website maintenance yourself, be prepared to invest an good amount of your time and patience into your working week.

We also offer secure, fast and reliable website hosting and SEO services.

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