The Main Types of Websites for Small Businesses

Jun 2, 2021 | Websites

Are you working towards designing a website for your small business? There are many types of websites that businesses can use to promote their brand or offer their services.

Each unique company will benefit from a certain website design. To learn more about some of the most common kinds of websites that company’s use for different purposes, keep reading. Figure out what kind of website would be best for your small business with this simple guide.

The Main Types of Websites for Small Businesses

eCommerce Website

An eCommerce website is used for companies that want to have an online store where customers can purchase products on the site. Both large and small companies use eCommerce sites to allow companies to buy directly from their website. Some of these companies may have a brick and mortar store, or multiple brick and mortar stores to supplement their online store, while others may sell on their site only.

Any website that has a shopping cart option and provides a way to accept payment falls under this category. To set up an online store, you will need eCommerce software as well as an SSL certificate to make sure your customers can pay securely. You also want to make sure that your website design is crafted to achieve your main goal which is to make direct online sales.


Business Website

A business website is used to represent a specific company. This site will be branded in line with the business with the same logo and it should work to display the kinds of products or services a company offers. Businesses of all kind should have a website, as it works as a 24/7 marketing tool that can help you communicate your solution to those looking for them, making your website a fantastic tool for generating quality leads.

Without a business website that leads can explore to find out more information, you risk appearing unprofessional or illegitimate to searchers. This acts as a lead generation site as you are using it to encourage visitors to get in contact, visit your storefront, or book an appointment.


Entertainment Websites

Entertainment websites are used merely for entertainment purposes. They can be sites that browsers explore for fun or interesting web content. While the content needs to be engaging enough to reel website visitors in, these companies still tend to have the goal of making money.

Companies with entertainment websites tend to drive profits through advertising others on their page rather than selling a specific product or service. There are tons of different formats that entertainment websites can use to display their content. These can be in the form of entertaining videos, blogs, articles, quizzes, or images.

There are many entertainment websites out there, so those hoping to get started in this field should make sure they have a distinct target audience that would be interested in their content. An entertainment website can be great for those looking for a way to share entertaining content with the world.


Portfolio Websites

Portfolio websites have the goal of displaying a professionals work. This is great for those that have past work that they want to display for potential clients. It’s a great way for professionals such as designers, artists, writers, and developers to showcase some of their best work.

This website is most popular among those in creative fields as well as freelancers who are looking for an easy way to compile, share, and promote their past work. It can be great for those that are hired for a specific skill or talent.


Media Websites

Media websites are platforms that collect and share news stories and reporting on a consistent basis. These pieces are more news and reporting based than entertainment sites that focus on creating content merely for entertainment purposes. However, media websites tend to also make money by displaying advertisements on their pages.

Some media websites may use subscription models to charge readers for their content, while some may use a combination of this model and advertising to produce profits. While some media sites are online-only, many also exist in other forms, such as a print newspaper or magazine.


Brochure Websites

A more simplified version of a business website is a brochure website. This is ideal for companies that know they need an online presence but don’t feel the need to invest too much into their website. They tend to include a few basic pages that explain the basics of what your company does, who you serve, and why.

They tend to provide basic contact information so that potential customer can get in touch to find out more. However, these website types tended to be popular in the early days of the internet and are becoming less useful for companies who are hoping to generate more leads. In today’s digital world, people are turning to the internet to find out more about companies to find the best option for them.

If you know that you don’t need an elaborate website for your company, a brochure site can act as your online business card. However, many companies find they need a website that is a bit more competitive.


Common Types of Websites Explained

While thinking about your company’s online presence, keep these common types of websites in mind to determine the best option for you. Consider the goals you have for your website, and your company as a whole, to determine the best website design for your needs.

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